With the proliferation of the Internet and organizations going online for all business operations, there is a strong need for qualified personnel to handle the security needs and legal requirements. DCIL is designed to enhance the security and investigative skills pertaining to cyber-crime, cyber security and the application of cyber laws. It introduces concepts, principles, and professional practices of cyber security and cyber-crime investigations, chains of custody, and related legal requirements. This program is offered by ITMR in association with a reputed University.

Program Coverage

DCIL is highly focused to equip personnel in the field of security management, digital security, and enterprise cyber security. The course will benefit CSOs, Security Administrators, Judiciary and Law Managers, Staff of Indian Police Force, Indian Defense, and other organizations, including aspiring security professionals. The program covers the following areas with relevant case studies.

  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Information System Audit Management
  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing Management
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • SIEM & log trails
  • Forensics lab
  • Project

Enrollment process

  • Filled up applications are received for scrutiny
  • All applicable eligibility credentials are validated (Graduation, proof of employment , proof of experience as defined in eligibility criteria)
  • A personal interview by a Panel of professionals will be carried out to evaluate the candidate, his knowledge of computers and understand the submitted credentials to complete the enrollment.


The codification of the courses of this program will be in consonance with the existing codes for similar subjects and for all other courses, they will be defined de novo.

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