Big Data is a collection of large and complex data sets that is difficult to process using conventional database management tools or traditional data processing applications. Industries the world over experience difficulties in storing, retrieving and processing the ever increasing data volumes.

Industries world wide are in the cusp of a surging wave of innovation, productivity and growth, trying to compete in the hyper sensitive cyber markets where speed of executions has surfaced as a strategic strength to survive and create value. Big Data has been recognized and voted as a common term to represent innovation in information analysis and value creation initiatives across industry vertical build over a variety of technologies. Big data methods permits exploring and innovating new insights through analysis of massive amounts of data opening the doors of advanced analytics to understanding the world leading to efficient decisions.

Program Coverage

File systems, Foundations of Hadoop, Foundations of HDFS, Administration operations, eco-system components, Map reduce algorithms. This program is designed to provide working knowledge in Hadoop system administration concept and practices.

Target audience

The course is well suited for developers, coders, programmers, administrators, data managers and aspirants who are interested to initiate Big data data analysis divisions in their organizations.


Forty Five Hours (Batches available in weekends & weekdays)

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