In the current complex and competitive environment one has to have both technical and soft skills. ITMR strongly believes that training people in soft skills is vital for organizational and individual success. To sustain one’s career, get the right recognitions, promotions and opportunities, one has to have the required soft skills by cultivating these and adding value to oneself as a technical expert.

ITMR’s soft skills training programs are metamorphic, relevant and sustainable to their roles in the organization and personal lives. With an experience of over two decades in the Information Technology business and well versed with the needs of the industry, ITMR has a number of customized soft skills training programs to offer.

Training Modules

  • Personal Effectiveness – Quite often our success is measured by our personal skills and how well we can cope with our work environment plus our personal abilities to be effective and prove our potential. This module focuses on areas that will make us personally effective like Time Management, Beating Stress, Managing Emotions, Corporate Decorum, Communication skills and Bridging Communication Gaps.
  • Team Effectiveness – A team is an integral part of an organization big or small and effective teams contribute largely to the overall success of an organization. With our experience we have very carefully designed modules that would bring about an awareness of the positives of working together and staying together as teams, how to build and manage successful work teams whether collocated or virtual.
  • Effective Communication – Nothing works like effective communication skills to succeed in the workplace. To help aspirants gain the competitive advantage we offer training in Business Communication, Voice and Accent Neutralization, Presentation Skills, and Customer Handling Skills.
  • Leadership Excellence – This series of “Leadership Excellence” programs is designed and planned to have the following objectives in mind: to gain ‘Self Mastery’, deal with ‘Paradigms’, learn to ‘Influence’ and develop the appropriate skills to deal with team members, to motivate and stay motivated. The participants will take away practical, true-to-life transformable ideas to stay on top, at the individual and organizational levels in “an uncompromising business world”.

Training Methodology

Our training methodology involves the use of case studies, role plays, training games, questionnaires and world renowned psychometric tools to ensure participative learning resulting in positive outcomes. Participants learn both individually and collaboratively through experiential learning methods which allow them to engage their own experiences and reflect upon those experiences and apply the learning to work situations.

ITMR’s training is supported by a team of competent and experienced trainers who will facilitate transforming learning into application.

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